Crazy Delays

We hit some crazy problems with this project. First  not getting access from York, to scheduling issues with the actors. We were suppose to be done this week with shooting. One actor can only work on the week days, but cannot on the weekends. One actor can only work the weekends and cannot work on the weekdays. I was completely frustrated because we have 2 more shoots before editing hell. So Edwin came up with a idea to go to Baltimore where one of the actors live to go there and shoot and to make things easier for the actors. This is a great idea and it will loads of fun shooting in a unknown location. We have all the access we need in baltimore so we shall wait and see. The last 2 shoots we are going out with a bang!


Earlier last week I was appointed head of the sound design in this project and have been going through the large catalogue of sound fx in my sound fx library looking to categories and place certain sounds in a favorite folder which might be appropriate for setting the mood of certain scenes in the movie. The process is the editor exports the final cut of a scene and I receive the final cut as a .mov file and work on the sound design. I am looking forward to it so as to see what I can do to improve the audio component of the movie

If I could make anything

2 week creative project

It was quite an experience blogging about something creative in two weeks! For me it was important to share creative juices with the other participants in this blog. As a creative myself with vast variety of avenues use to channel the juices, it was a pleasure viewing others work as well.

Fav works?

I hadn’t posted my fav works but rather some projects that I liked and maybe certain aspects were my fav. But these were projects that I am happy with!

Final Project

I was approached by 3 of my current final project mates to participate with them prior to the start of the semester. The final project is a short film titled Black Rose. I am anticipating the completion of the project to view the final result.

Outta the Page

Hey Guys,

For those of you who dont know know me, My name is Uchenna J Nwaogu. For My final Project, I created a website, It Is a comic book review blog. Im working in collaboration with Andres Ramirez to provide reviews for comics. Also on the site, are interviews with little know artists (so far, but hopefully i can get some writers as well), and reviews for upcoming comic book and graphic novel related books. I admit that there arent a lot of posts on the site but i am working on putting up a lot more content. It is quite harder than i thought it’d be to get done because of the amount i have coming in from not just the project but school and work but im trying my best. The video portions are taking longer to edit than expected. I originally had to retool my original idea to allot for better timing. Im looking forward to being part of your online community. Your going to be seeing, what i hope you would think, is interesting content coming from my site.

What Else Could Go Wrong

This past week in the production of “Black Rose” has been incredibly frustrating and nerve racking for both the crew and me, 90% of the reason has to do with scheduling, since the actors are family men and has their day job to consider, their schedules are becoming increasingly impossible for us to go around. The two lead actor schedules conflict, one of them works on week days, while the other works on the weekends and apparently unable to come all the way from Baltimore for a weekend shoot, and at the same time getting back early enough for work.  So we came up with an expensive solution (So to say), We are all taking a field trip to Baltimore for the weekend, that way accommodating his schedule allowing us to start shooting at 3am.  However, of course, its not all disappointing news, “Black Rose” has only two scenes left, and we will be officially done.  As I always say, until next time wish us luck.