Finally Decided On What I Want To Do

On a final deliberation with myself I’ve finally relized what I want to do for my final project. What I want to do with my Final Project would involve blog posting constantly like once a week, recording footage, posting it on youtube or vimeo more youtube because I feel youtube is much more well known and it’s easier to get video a viral.  With the video’s, I’m going to edit it down and add commentary was well as add graphics to them. Lastly and  most importantly in my video’s I want to center them around me playing video games. Games ranging from sports video games and action/adventure video games. I feel that this final project would be good for me because I will constantly on a timely basis make the the videos and post them on the blog, and I will enjoy it of course. If I can keep posting these video’s I believe that my editing will improve because that’s one part of skill I greatly want to improve, to prepare myself for the real world.



Final Project First Steps by Chris

My biggest challenge in creating a final project would be making a final project that would become something I as well as other would enjoy.

I want to make it clear that my final project would be consisting of something animated because when I was creating a project in my CT 345 Intro To Motion Graphics class, I was overjoyed in being able to create an animated cartoon. This opening cartoon was for my opening of my fake Video-game T.V. Show.

I Want To Use:

  • Animation
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Video 



Chris’ 2 Internships (for now)


Company: Warner Music Group

Position: Part-Time, Unpaid

CEO: Stephen Cooper & Lyor Cohen

Phone: (212) 275-2000

Address: 75 Rockefeller Plaza New York, NY 10019

Benefits: Even though this internship is unpaid, students do get an opportunity to gain real world experience at one of the top music companies in the industry. Intern events are held each semester offering students a chance to socialize and network with professionals in the field, meet other interns, and attend resume building workshops. Many previous interns go on to gain full-time employment with the organization. In fact, all interested seniors are given the chance to meet with an on-site recruiter upon graduation to be considered for any full-time positions that exist.


Company: Hot 97

Position: Part Time, Unpaid

Owner: Emmis Communications


Address: 395 Hudson Street, 7th Fl., New York, NY. 10014

Phone: 212-206-3395

Description: Video Production


2/27/12 By Chris

I was inspired to make this out of a meme I saw on Facebook, about how if you grew up a boy in the 90’s like me one of the T.V show’s you would watch would be Drangonball Z. Dragonball Z was like a religion for us kids growing up and Goku was our savior saw a fan page that showed Goku how he is in the image, but the words were not on the image they were on the fan page itself. I decided to create a the image with the sentences in there

2/26/12 Part 2 Post By Chris

As you can tell from my previous posts I love creating work in using vector type art as my template, and this piece of work is no different. I call this one “Bart Joins The White Stripes” Bart Simpson of the animated television The Simpsons goes of on his own, and decides to join up with Meg and Jack White of the rock group The White Stripes. I wanted to create this work of art after watching an episode of The Simpsons in which The White Stripes make a brief yet memorable appearance on the the T.V show.

2/26/12 Blog Post By Chris

This is another one of my favorite pieces that I done for for class that came out really well. The idea being a vectorized work of art that is transformed from a regular photo. The image reminds me and other’s have pointed this out of the poster of Ernesto “El Che” Guevara. When I was creating this I did not even relies that I was making something that would resemble some one I read about and looked up to in history.

Band Poster 2/18/12 by Chris

When I was creating this piece of work I was doing it for a class project, that I found to be very fun. The meaning towards the poster is that it’s made to be created out of a band flyer. The process that I took to create the poster are, first I cut out all the pieces from different parts of a sports magazine that I had at the time. Next, I typed up the words using Microsoft word and cut them up into strips, and lastly I taped it all together in positions I believed fit well as to how I want my poster to actually represent a band’s poster. The signature style in the end would have to be leaving the the rough tape and cuts with no computer program changes like using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to enhance the image in any way

An Interview Of My Future Self By Christopher Rosa

Christopher Rosa by Howard Stern

So Chris its been a long time, I say 5 years since we’ve last spoke. How are you?

I’ve been great Howard a lot has happened in my life since then. I’ve worked on so many projects.

Really wow, I remember talking to you in a little college in Jamaica New York City named York College. You must have a lot to talk about, so lets begin from the semi-beginning. For all our audiences who don’t know tell us Chris, when and where did you grow up?

I grew up in Queens, New York most specifically Corona. Then I moved to Ridgewood in Queens  when I was 21 all the while continuing my studies at York as a senior were you have happened to have interviewed me.

After you graduated from York what did you do because I know you were studying Communications Technology, or the study of multimedia.

I was already in an internship at the time with this independent movie production  company and they were based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Once it ended I was without an internship, but luckily for me I had a side job at the time. I was sending out my portfolio with my work out to many company’s so they can see my work and hopefully I would be able to intern at their company, and be flexible with my current job at the time. And now I am working at production company that works in animation, music, and movies.