Finally Decided On What I Want To Do

On a final deliberation with myself I’ve finally relized what I want to do for my final project. What I want to do with my Final Project would involve blog posting constantly like once a week, recording footage, posting it on youtube or vimeo more youtube because I feel youtube is much more well known and it’s easier to get video a viral.  With the video’s, I’m going to edit it down and add commentary was well as add graphics to them. Lastly and  most importantly in my video’s I want to center them around me playing video games. Games ranging from sports video games and action/adventure video games. I feel that this final project would be good for me because I will constantly on a timely basis make the the videos and post them on the blog, and I will enjoy it of course. If I can keep posting these video’s I believe that my editing will improve because that’s one part of skill I greatly want to improve, to prepare myself for the real world.



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