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the website that i use to look for internships is called  This site looks for internships from any major and also job opportunity for students and entry level.

the three work that I like to share is :

this site is a picture of a poster of fast food controlling people. The text on the poster is “I’ must love it.” it shows that I’ve worked with photoshop. Using the levels, exposer, contrast and layers.


this video is a project to show the kens burns effects, in a slightly 3-d composition. The program that I used was after effects, photoshop and final cut.  The story is a common story of some one sleeping watching tv, and falls asleep on the tv.


this is the very first animation video that I ever did. using after effects, photoshop, final cut and a 30 sec video clip. The objective was to redo the clip into something else.

4 thoughts on “Exchange information”

  1. “I must love it” post is pretty cool. Kind of dark to see in a small thumbnail size. See if you can make it bigger in the blog. The kens burns effect video I did not get until I read your description here. Then I liked it. The animation video was great.

  2. YAAAAAY!!!! You already know I’m a huge fan of your motion graphic work, I think its something you should consider for a final project. It would be great to see what you can do with an entire semester worth of time.

  3. Love the animations and that poster about fast food because its so so true. You should take that poster and post it in a Mcdonalds somewhere lol. Great work!

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