So I have been very behind on updating on the progress of my final project.  This process has been very tough and frustrating.  For my final project, I have decided to build an online community.  When I was first thinking about it, I thought and also heard that it would be fairly easy.  Install and there you go you are up and running.  WRONG!!! I have been struggling with this whole process not only because of time management but because building this is all new to me.  The online community I am building and planning to launch before the end of the semester is called SicKfLick.Com.  I wanted this site to be based on photography specifically for cars. I did want to incorporate other areas of this online community to different aspects of photography as well such as nature, animals, family, children, food, etc; a wide variety, pretty much.  I will expand those areas at a later time tho.  This process has been difficult for me because every theme that I have been choosing seems to not be working with my vision.  I was at one point considering to incorporate a forum with  a community of building friends but once again it has been difficult to incorporate the two.  I am still in the process of piecing everything together.  I want this online community’s main focused to be about the photos people take.

Stay tuned, I will continue to keep you updated on the progress and launch date.



So my final project is basically something that I have been working on for the past year or so. It is basically a collaboration of videos which of I would like to say 90% is shot and edited by myself. I have slowly began to assemble them together on my youtube channel ( ). I am very much into my community as whole being Guyanese and Hindu. My channel is in attempt to capture, preserve, educate, and promote my culture. I have teamed up with people from within my community on some of the videos. Currently one program is being aired on a local television station on Time Warner Cable TV ever week. About a month ago, I teamed up with another group of people from Guyana to create sister program if you will to a 15 years and still counting program being running on Guyana national television. There are hopes to one day get it up on television in NY, but as for now it is YouTube based and airs every two weeks in Guyana. Aside from these two programs, I have a few independent projects.


I’m working on, these are basically either projects done for school or thing I found a need for doing. (


This is a link to the program for Guyana. I am solely responsible for filming and editing. The talents are responsible for the songs and messages.


This is a link to the New York program. I basically stared this program from scratch. In this program, I began to teach the youths how to use cameras and editing. I now only do about 50% of the work. The youths do most of it and I just assist.


Another thing that I do is as I meet new youths, is that I encourage them to get involved in their culture. We set up a date and we have a performance and I edit and upload it to YouTube for the world to see.


I am constantly uploading new videos, and slowly the view counter is increasing.


Earlier last week I was appointed head of the sound design in this project and have been going through the large catalogue of sound fx in my sound fx library looking to categories and place certain sounds in a favorite folder which might be appropriate for setting the mood of certain scenes in the movie. The process is the editor exports the final cut of a scene and I receive the final cut as a .mov file and work on the sound design. I am looking forward to it so as to see what I can do to improve the audio component of the movie