The past few weeks were spent collecting sound FX while awaiting the final cut of the movie to complete the sound the sound design. I played around with one of the scenes last week – the Murder Scene cut, took away everything but the main vocals, added foot steps,  camera flashes, lifting yellow tape, and room tone. Looking forward to the final copy as the design cant be done until the “linked” full scene is put together.


Earlier last week I was appointed head of the sound design in this project and have been going through the large catalogue of sound fx in my sound fx library looking to categories and place certain sounds in a favorite folder which might be appropriate for setting the mood of certain scenes in the movie. The process is the editor exports the final cut of a scene and I receive the final cut as a .mov file and work on the sound design. I am looking forward to it so as to see what I can do to improve the audio component of the movie