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Hey Guys,

For those of you who dont know know me, My name is Uchenna J Nwaogu. For My final Project, I created a website, It Is a comic book review blog. Im working in collaboration with Andres Ramirez to provide reviews for comics. Also on the site, are interviews with little know artists (so far, but hopefully i can get some writers as well), and reviews for upcoming comic book and graphic novel related books. I admit that there arent a lot of posts on the site but i am working on putting up a lot more content. It is quite harder than i thought it’d be to get done because of the amount i have coming in from not just the project but school and work but im trying my best. The video portions are taking longer to edit than expected. I originally had to retool my original idea to allot for better timing. Im looking forward to being part of your online community. Your going to be seeing, what i hope you would think, is interesting content coming from my site.


Final Project First Steps by Chris

My biggest challenge in creating a final project would be making a final project that would become something I as well as other would enjoy.

I want to make it clear that my final project would be consisting of something animated because when I was creating a project in my CT 345 Intro To Motion Graphics class, I was overjoyed in being able to create an animated cartoon. This opening cartoon was for my opening of my fake Video-game T.V. Show.

I Want To Use:

  • Animation
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Video 



Black Rose

Black Rose was marked by a tumultuous start but eased in as soon as roles were switched and quickly settled into. Production picked up rather swiftly thereafter and the dailies appeased the rest of the crew. Last week, I sat in on the editing which was aimed at sending the intended creative vision of the director’s script in the actor’s performance over the sequence. This particular scene was a tough one because this sequence demanded a certain amount of emotional overture by the actor to convey the mental battle in the character’s mind. With creative inputs from all four crew members in the editing suite we were able to enhance this performance sequence by altering motion, addition of flashes, etc. I’m am hopeful that this scene turns out as dope as we expect.

Ify (Assistant Director)

BR updates

This week was a very hard week for us because of mainly getting access to areas where we thought would be easy to shoot. Two of our locations where in York College. The amount of politics in this school is unbearable. But that pushes us to always think of better locations and to shoot gorilla style.

The shoots this week went pretty well. We went gorilla on them and we had some good access because we had a person on the inside that told us where the cameras were and where the safe points were. I was so glad he was there that night. We finished shooting the scene in less than 1 hour.

The second shoot we had was in a cemetery. Luckly for us, the person that owned the cemetery took our side and allowed us to shoot there even though she knew the problems that we are facing from York and its stupid politics. This one was a tough and extremely challenging shoot because the actor had to leave early. This was a last minute thing which pushed me to ask the owner of the cemetery to allow us to shoot 30 mins early. She agreed and that gave us 1 hour to shoot the scene. We had more issues, because people where sick, had family issues and picked the best day to do it. But we all just pushed through and were all happy at the end of the day.

One thing we enjoy on the shoots for black rose is the food that we enjoy after a hard day of working. We love to eat and thats what we promiss all the cast and crew. Its the best part about the day or night.


These are not necessarily my fav. works but a selection of some projects that i am working on. I’m not allowed to post the videos because some of the projects are still in production and some are in the festival circuits but with Prof. Mike’s permission, I’m allowed to post still frame as oppposed to video

1) Still Working Cuba Doc – A doc about Fidel Castro’s contribution to Africa! This doc features high profile Black nationalists, Academia, ex-black panther members and ex-exiled. Below is a screen shot from the interview of Dr. Sam Anderson an ex-panther member and activist

2) Untitled Wall street Doc – I shot and color graded this at the height of the OWS protest for my personal doc with a friend but ended up being accepted and sold footage to another project where we partner and share creative credit. I love the color grading i did on this doc cos the weather was gloomy that day.


3) Music Video – This was shot for my CT cinematography class. In addition to directing the music video, I  did the set design, I liked this particular piece because it was instinctive and last minute but im glad with the set design