Story Board

This is story or more of a comic layout of the animation i am venturing in, however this is not complete. i am still thinking about, if adding audio or just having music and sound affects.

For instance this video i found in youtube:


I love this video and how it depicted the two characters without spoken words.

Finally Decided On What I Want To Do

On a final deliberation with myself I’ve finally relized what I want to do for my final project. What I want to do with my Final Project would involve blog posting constantly like once a week, recording footage, posting it on youtube or vimeo more youtube because I feel youtube is much more well known and it’s easier to get video a viral.  With the video’s, I’m going to edit it down and add commentary was well as add graphics to them. Lastly and  most importantly in my video’s I want to center them around me playing video games. Games ranging from sports video games and action/adventure video games. I feel that this final project would be good for me because I will constantly on a timely basis make the the videos and post them on the blog, and I will enjoy it of course. If I can keep posting these video’s I believe that my editing will improve because that’s one part of skill I greatly want to improve, to prepare myself for the real world.



If I could make anything

2 week creative project

It was quite an experience blogging about something creative in two weeks! For me it was important to share creative juices with the other participants in this blog. As a creative myself with vast variety of avenues use to channel the juices, it was a pleasure viewing others work as well.

Fav works?

I hadn’t posted my fav works but rather some projects that I liked and maybe certain aspects were my fav. But these were projects that I am happy with!

Final Project

I was approached by 3 of my current final project mates to participate with them prior to the start of the semester. The final project is a short film titled Black Rose. I am anticipating the completion of the project to view the final result.

Final Project Idea(s)

I’m not 100% sure what I want my final project to be but I do know that I want it to focus around graphic/web design and illustration because I want to make these passions of mine a full time career.

My mother asked me if I could build her a website for her new non profit business venture, so I am actually considering this as a final project idea. This, however, will be kind of a challenge because I am in Web Design 1 right now. I know it will be a lot of work because I’m “jumping the gun” but its no big deal because I really enjoy doing it. So doing the extra research is no big deal.

Another idea I am considering involves illustration. I really have an interest in digital painting  in Photoshop and I feel like I do not work on this goal enough as I should. I do not know exactly what I am going to create (like if I’m going to use photos or just draw from my imagination and digitally paint in Photoshop), but the fact that this is going to be apart of my final project will push me even more.


Two Possible final Project Ideas

The two week daily creative assignment
I did not do well on the two week daily create… I am not really proud of myself for not being consistent with posting on a everyday basis with new content, as i reflect on this assignment i need to put more effort into creating new thing even if its not assignment so i can get my creative juice flowing.

What I thought about my favorite works
The pieces I posted were things that took me long time into creating, but it was fun cutting video segments adding my own type of music that suits the video i created and  i enjoyed the whole ride in completing these projects. I know that there’s lot  of stuff out there for me to learn.

Two possible final project ideas
As i’m getting ready to approach my final project, the first is an animation in which i have made some step in drafting out what i want to display and wrote some minor scripts toward its development. Second is collages of all my previous projects i have made and future projects i intend to make. the second choice is still a maybe i am still considering other possibilities.

“If I could Make Anything” – Terrance

The two week daily creative assignment
I actually think i did well on the two week daily create… I must say i was kinda proud of myself for being consistent with posting on a everyday basis with new content, as i reflect on this assignment i could remember me taking pictures from my phone and post on the blog, although i completed this assignment, i must admit i almost forgot to do this many days of the two weeks. Ha!

What I thought about my favorite works
The pieces I posted were things I enjoyed creating, wether I pulled all nighters or i completed them in a decent timely manner, the point is i still had fun, and enjoyed the whole ride in completing these projects. i know that there’s more stuff out there for me to learn, and i can honestly say that i’m learning everyday, and also growing everyday and not just in the CT field but in life in general.

Two possible final project ideas
As i’m getting ready to approach my final project, I must say i’m a little bit excited to complete this assignment, and finally get it over with, how ever i have to work harder than ever before with my previous film assignments, because this is my final project, and i have to utilize everything i have learned in this program plus more. Some of the elements i would choose to be included in my final project would be: film/video, animation, photography, and possibly illustrations. My content would be something interesting that would have its own story to tell from its perspective, my ideas would be to choose a place, or a thing. The audience i would like to attract would be more of a universal appeal, rather than the regular outgoing NYC hipsters stuff, i think it would be successful because this piece would be very unique, and creative, to me successful means that somebody out there enjoys your work, wether is one person or one hundred people.

Two Final Project Ideas

1) I would like to make a website for my grandmothers ceramics. The site would be either to showcase her work and/or to sell. This is something that has been in the works for a while now. After going through these years of college, web design is my career choice. I want to learn more about web design and sharpen my skills (especially with WordPress). The more I build, whether it is for profit or not, the more I will learn and become more efficient. Doing this project will also help me with client relations. Yes, she IS my grandmother but she is a tough cookie. She knows what she wants and how she wants things. I would have to be on a strict schedule and focus on time management since she lives in Maryland. Managing school, work and some visits to Maryland is going to be a challenge but why not learn to operate under these pressures now so later on in the “real world” it would not be overwhelming.  I think this project would be successful when other people besides the family can enjoy her work. She wants to share her work with the world. The true success would be, if she wishes to sell, the first purchase.

2) I also want to make a site for my jewelry. I always thought of selling on Ebay or Amazon but did not like to idea of cutting them a big piece of my profit. I end up giving pieces away to friends or family. I think it is time to sell now. I think selling will force me to make pieces for often. I would create items in spurts. I think I do it in spurts because it is just for a hobby and not a profit. If I know these pieces would be for profit I would be encouraged to make more. This project will allow me to sharpen my jewelry making skills and my web design skills. Time management will be a big key in this project. Between building the site, other school work, work, getting material, deciding on collections and trends and making pieces, I am going to have to be on a serious schedule. This will help me in the long run to learn how to deal with stress, time management, and the ability to push myself and stay on top of things. The success of this project would be the end result when the site is up and I have amble amount of product to sell because I put in the dedication it took to make it happen. Knowing that I did this basically all by myself is a success in itself.

Final Project First Steps

“Realize that you are allowed to make anything…” ~ Professor Michael Branson Smith

Dum dum dummmm (insert scary music here)

Please don’t make me realize that. LOL But seriously, my biggest challenge hands down will be to choose in finality what my final project will be.

I can make a list of things that I want said project to include, but content-wise or rather, theme-wise, here in lies the problem.
Here are the list of “things” that I want to be included in my project:

  • web design
  • javascript
  • animation
  • actual video
There is another video that I really loved creating and it was an extra credit assignment of a mash up. None of the content used is anything that I created, but! I absolutely ADORED putting this reel together. One of my favorite things ever!
But I digress, my project must include editing in this way as well.
Addressing the Issues
  1. I did well on the two week daily create… >_> at first. I have a tendency to be really pumped about something at first and then dwindle down. To be honest I was so busy with everything else I forgot a lot of the time when it wasn’t fresh anymore. And then when the deadline started to come up, it became important again. With that said, I realize that having deadlines and accountability to someone motivates me my personal projects always fall to the wayside. For the most part, I liked what I posted, I took into consideration that posting everyday would include things that didn’t take very much effort and so a lot of the time I posted things that I already was involved in.  Only once or twice I went looking for something to create to post.
  2. My intro to this blog addresses what I thought about my favorite works. To sum it up a bit, the work I posted were things I enjoyed creating the most. I know that this will help in the motivation process. I saw that during these times I pulled all nighters and didn’t even care, didn’t even need more than one or two cups of coffee. This makes me a bit more confident that I would stick with it.
Because of these thoughts, I think my project should have a client aspect of some sort. Input as well as to what it would look like. To me successful means finished (and awesome :-/) The more I think about this, the more I feel led to create a site for my youth group to use and then maybe more youths after that. I could take suggestions from them on what they want to see and interact with.


If You Could Make Anything…

cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by

And had only a semester to make it, what would you choose to make?

Committing to a particular project for an entire semester is a big decision – what should I make? Will it help me after I graduate – learning new skills, and/or having a quality piece of work to showcase? Will I be able to stay focused on the project without a professor telling me what to do?

If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it.
William James

These are some questions you should ask yourself before commiting to a particular project. Realize that you are allowed to make anything – the project can be a blog based, film/video, animation, photography, drawing, writing, reporting, and even LOL KATZ!

So how should you start? Well there are two things I want you to think about and reflect on in a blog post:

1. How did you do on the two week daily creative assignment? Did you struggle to stay consistent? Post something everyday? Did you like what you posted? Did you make it or was it a reflection on others work? Think of this assignment as a barometer of your ability to work independently. Because the final project is an independent study (unless you partner with someone) what strategies will you use to stay on task not having a regular class meeting or assignments? Engaging friends and partners might work, but you still need to lead the effort. Maybe working on a client driving project so you’re accountable might work. Just thinking about your work habits and your day – when you work best can help you figure this out.

2. You also picked out three of your favorite pieces of work to present to the class and reflected on why they were your favorite works. These works reflect a bit about your taste and sensibility in your own work and your sense of your own skills. Will you incorporate some of the topical interests reflected in your favorite works? Why/why not? Will you use some of the skills you exhibited in these works? Why/why not?

After reflecting on these questions, present two possible project ideas and describe how they fit your taste, skill, and ability to organize your time. Describe what you’d like to learn from working on this final project. What do you think will make it successful? And what does successful mean to you?

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