Outta the Page

Hey Guys,

For those of you who dont know know me, My name is Uchenna J Nwaogu. For My final Project, I created a website, It Is a comic book review blog. Im working in collaboration with Andres Ramirez to provide reviews for comics. Also on the site, are interviews with little know artists (so far, but hopefully i can get some writers as well), and reviews for upcoming comic book and graphic novel related books. I admit that there arent a lot of posts on the site but i am working on putting up a lot more content. It is quite harder than i thought it’d be to get done because of the amount i have coming in from not just the project but school and work but im trying my best. The video portions are taking longer to edit than expected. I originally had to retool my original idea to allot for better timing. Im looking forward to being part of your online community. Your going to be seeing, what i hope you would think, is interesting content coming from my site.