Life Drawing – Day 2

Below is a picture of what I drew in my life drawing class today. Its an unfinished drawing of a seated woman’s torso area. I don’t like how it came out though because I didn’t finish it and I’m new to drawing with charcoal so I’m still trying to get used to it. Also, excuse the crappy camera quality…..I used my phone to take the picture. I used a stick of charcoal (vine), a charcoal pad, and a kneaded eraser to do this drawing…..



Inspiration: Robert Arnow

I admire a lot of people’s work and the paths they chose to get there. One guy in particular is Brooklyn graphic designer and illustrator Robert Arnow. Robert wears many creative hats. His services include logo design, web design, graphic design, print design, branding, storyboard illustration, and custom lettering and fonts. He attended Parsons School of Design in Manhattan from ’96 to ’99 and has been running his own company, the Robert Arnow Design Studio, since 1999. His background is in illustration and because of this, he is not only able to produce a certain level of quality in all his work, but he is also skilled in working in an array of many different styles. His client list is full of reputable companies like the Washington Post magazine, Apple, Microsoft, Mode magazine, Target and UPS. He has received great amount of recognition for his design work. Some of which include four first place Pollie Awards, and placement in the Society of Illustrators National Exhibition. In addition, his work regularly appears in a lot of well known newspapers and magazines across the country.

Robert has the exact same career I hope to have one day soon. So far, we kind of have the same paths. He went to school for what he is doing and I am doing the same. He owns his own successful (sole proprietor) business and one day I hope to have the same. He even went to Parsons. That’s one of the schools I am interested in for a masters. I assume all his hard work came from nonstop dedication and a love for what he does. I believe that if I constantly possess that mentality, I too will be on a similar path to success.

In the year 2017…

Below is a March 21, 2017 interview from the official student newspaper of York College, Pandora’s Box. Editor in Chief, Asia Walker, briefly interviews CulTrue Designs founder, Shakira Dale, in light of her and her design team offering free design workshops this semester to students. Shakira graduated from York College in 2013 as Communications Technology major.

Asia: Hi Shakira! First off, we would like to thank you and your team for doing what you’re doing to give back to this institution that basically helped mold you into the success you are today. Not too many people do that. What inspired you to offer these workshops?

Shakira: It’s my pleasure and thank you. What inspires me to create opportunities like this is hope that others will become inspired. Inspired to create and express their ideas in their own individual ways.

Asia: Excellent. So you’re the founder of CulTrue Designs. Can you briefly explain exactly what it is you and your company do?

Shakira: Sure. CulTrue Designs was founded in 2013 and we basically function as a graphic design firm. We’re a group of creative thinkers who make designs and illustrations for clientele. Not only do   we work for profit, but we also offer our services to those who aren’t as affluent.

Asia: In addition to your company CulTrue designs, are there any other endeavors you have going on right now?

Shakira: Yes, actually. I also run a small T-shirt design company online called “Dee Teez”. I make positively driven t-shirt designs. Designs that are also meant to inspire and encourage. Clothing      says a lot about a person. It’s one of the first things one sees when one looks at an individual.     What’s a better way of getting positivity out there than slapping a custom design about it on some shirts? *laughs* For more about these shirts you can go to

Asia: I can’t argue with you there. *laughs* Last question: What do you hope these students gain from your workshops?

Shakira: Simply put……an understanding of how fun and free the world of art can be. No artistic restrictions or guidelines. Just you expressing your style and taste and sharing it with the world…..

Asia: I’m sure they all will enjoy this! Thank you so much for your time we wish you and your team nothing but success in the future.

Shakira: Not a problem! Thank you.