Final Project Idea(s)

I’m not 100% sure what I want my final project to be but I do know that I want it to focus around graphic/web design and illustration because I want to make these passions of mine a full time career.

My mother asked me if I could build her a website for her new non profit business venture, so I am actually considering this as a final project idea. This, however, will be kind of a challenge because I am in Web Design 1 right now. I know it will be a lot of work because I’m “jumping the gun” but its no big deal because I really enjoy doing it. So doing the extra research is no big deal.

Another idea I am considering involves illustration. I really have an interest in digital painting  in Photoshop and I feel like I do not work on this goal enough as I should. I do not know exactly what I am going to create (like if I’m going to use photos or just draw from my imagination and digitally paint in Photoshop), but the fact that this is going to be apart of my final project will push me even more.



Seftel Productions

347 W. 36th Street, Suite 702

New York, NY 10018


This is a NYC based production company that produces digital media, film documentaries, and commercials. They seem to be quite small, however they do and have done a lot. They have been awarded and nominated for numerous awards. The internship is for graphic design, specifically.

Hot 97

395 Hudson St # 7, New York, NY

(212) 229-9797 ‎

This a very popular r and b and hip-hop radio station. They feature many of today’s pupular artists in hip hop and r and b culture. This listing is also for graphic design but they have jobs geared towards people who are in promotion and marketing and video production.
This web and graphic design internship is for the studio of artist Joshua Schwartz. He is looking for a college student that is familiar with design, design software, html and css to help with graphic design and web related tasks. This would be a good opportunity if you love to be around art.

3 Favorites

I made this in Photoshop last semester for an art class. We had to create a political poster. One about an issue we feel strongly about. I chose to focus on the media and how influential 9both positive and negative) it can be on our minds. The hand is suppose to represent the media and the lines are supposed to be puppet strings fiddling with the girl’s mind. The circles on her eyes shows she’s hypnotized by what the media’s doing to her brain. I feel like a lot of people are brainwashed by the media, they just don’t realize it.


I drew this portrait (from a reference photo) in September 2011. Its of Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London. I drew him because I was a fan of his music at the time. Still am but not as much. I’m proud of it because drawing the reflection in those glasses was a tricky task.

Finally, I would say this portrait of Mike Jackson. I drew it because I like Michael Jackson’s music. Its the first time I ever drew something this big and it took forever. I feel like this shows my skills because it shows I pay attention to detail.

I would love the poster featured in a magazine or on a billboard or something but I don’t think I’d want the drawings featured anywhere. At least not yet. Only because I haven’t been doing it that long and I feel like I still could improve.