“If I could Make Anything” – Terrance

The two week daily creative assignment
I actually think i did well on the two week daily create… I must say i was kinda proud of myself for being consistent with posting on a everyday basis with new content, as i reflect on this assignment i could remember me taking pictures from my phone and post on the blog, although i completed this assignment, i must admit i almost forgot to do this many days of the two weeks. Ha!

What I thought about my favorite works
The pieces I posted were things I enjoyed creating, wether I pulled all nighters or i completed them in a decent timely manner, the point is i still had fun, and enjoyed the whole ride in completing these projects. i know that there’s more stuff out there for me to learn, and i can honestly say that i’m learning everyday, and also growing everyday and not just in the CT field but in life in general.

Two possible final project ideas
As i’m getting ready to approach my final project, I must say i’m a little bit excited to complete this assignment, and finally get it over with, how ever i have to work harder than ever before with my previous film assignments, because this is my final project, and i have to utilize everything i have learned in this program plus more. Some of the elements i would choose to be included in my final project would be: film/video, animation, photography, and possibly illustrations. My content would be something interesting that would have its own story to tell from its perspective, my ideas would be to choose a place, or a thing. The audience i would like to attract would be more of a universal appeal, rather than the regular outgoing NYC hipsters stuff, i think it would be successful because this piece would be very unique, and creative, to me successful means that somebody out there enjoys your work, wether is one person or one hundred people.

Top 3 Projects – Terrance

1) This is my most favorite piece of work I’ve done, because it was my CT 101 project, and it was the first time i was introduced to Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. I really had no idea or clue about using these tools whats so ever, and not to mention that i really had no idea back then, that i would be choosing this type of work as a hobby.
Screen Shot 2012-03-09 at 1.21.29 PM

2) This is my second favorite piece of work because it was the first time i got hired to direct a music video, and as i remembered approaching this project, my thought process was to just be creative and to stay away from any rap video out there at the time, and i guess it paid off, because it was well received in the vimeo, and youtube online video communities.

3) This is my third favorite piece of work, because its my latest, and although it’s just an audio song, i was the one who took this photograph when they were creating this song.