The Creative’s medium

I found this documentary piece particularrly interesting in regards to the ever changing landscape of the film industry. For those familliar with the dispute a few years ago in the music production world amongst old school producers favoring hardware to software, will find this doc piece reminiscent of that pivotal fraction of the music industry. The underlying factor for the creative is the level of expertise in his or her work and not the tools. The end result is a determinant of your success as a creative. The tool is not the focus but rather a small piece in the bigger puzzle which is the final product. Regardless of the medium that legendary painters painted with; regardless of the texture of the canvas, be it synthetic or natural, the final painting is the determinant of the public reception to the creatives’ work. That should be kept in mind when we, the future creatives work. Hope you enjoy the doc

Influence – Fela Kuti

My sources of inspiration constantly expand and collapse and are dependent on the many lanes and/or mind state I’m in.  Inspirational sources range from people to media content to events etc. Despite the difficulty singling out one source, I would consider one aspect of my future plan to be partly influenced by Fela Kuti. Fela Kuti, a renowned musician was born in Western Nigeria to a feminist mother and a Preacher father. His family sent him to London to study medicine but he opted out to study music instead. He formulated and recorded his own genre of music, which was released by the Major Labels in the United States and London before his return to Nigeria. Prior to Fela’s return and until presently, Nigeria’s political climate has been plagued by numerous coup de tat, chaos, immense bribery, corruption and turbulence generally associated with post-colonial African regions. Fela was disgusted with not only the political climate and its leaders but the angst and tremendous levels of despair amongst the citizens. He felt that the political climate did not demand entertainment oriented musical releases. He felt that music or “entertainment” should have a proclivity to liberation of the masses from rogue leaders. Therefore, he rigorously embarked on a life long journey of liberating and educating the masses towards a level of cultural and political awareness to incite a resistance. Typical of most iterative movements, he suffered mass physical attacks by the government and smear campaigns due to his non conventional practices such as self medication with marijuana. As a kid I loved Fela’s music but despised his vocal abilities. I grew older, and through understanding and interaction, I developed some of the same anti-establishment values towards culture and national leadership, unaware of the majority of Fela’s philosophies but cognizant of his musical genius. Upon study of his work, I fell in love with Fela’s ideologies regarding entertainment having a value in nation building. One of the lanes in my future, filmmaking, which could easily be classified as entertainment, is one of the tools I choose to serve this purpose of nation building. My plan had always been to infuse my philosophies into filmmaking but masking my films with high a entertainment-value.


We were pleased to sit down with Director / Executive Producer / Business Magnate, R.C. He promised us 2mins of his time. With little time to spare, we were unable to juice out as much info as we would have liked.

FORBES: Thanks for alotting us a time out of your busy schedule

IFY: Its an honor….over the years I’ve never failed to browse the annual top lists across various industries just to take a peek at what the winners were doing and gauge the markets. So I am mad delighted to share print space with some of the cats I admire.

FORBES: Despite the success of your movies you are known to wear lots of hats!

IFY: I’ve never considered myself a career oriented individual and from childhood never saw the need to limit myself to one way path with mutliple ablilities I possessed…sure, that bumped heads with peeps that did not understand that way of thinking so early on, i had to give folks a one path answer whenever the dicussion about what future intents arose. So I always told them that I did lots of things but the discussion mostly focused on the fact that I wanted to be a director and Executive producer / studio head. Still it was very important to me to keep most of my path to myself or the close communities I dabbled in over the years in the various fields I’m in. That enabled me to stay focused. I’m still growing and will continue to grow that way I’m never locked in to a one way path.

FORBES: Complicated I see! How did you get your start

IFY: (laughs) I assume you mean in Film? ‘Cos my work spans across various fields as well.

FORBES: Correct.

IFY: Well I started in 2008 working as a the behind the scenes videographer for the feature film  “Before I self destruct” starring Clifton Powel and 50 cent. It was my first foray into the world of film making. I had researched the production company behind it and seen where they were holding auditions for a commercial they planned on shooting and crashed the audition. I called one of the producers aside and informed him that I really wasn’t here to audition but wanted to work with them…didn’t care if I got paid nor credits, just wanted the experience to makeup my mind about the film path in additions to all other paths. He took my number and two weeks later I got the call to work with them as a set driver/ PA to the art department. I would always sneak out on set to be where the cameras were instead of doing my job with the art department and talked of the producers to giving me a camera which he did and by the next week i was upgraded to the behind the scenes videographer with pay which ended up as my title on the movie credits. First time with the film world and it left a huge impression on me…but anyways I gotta bounce, call time for an untitled feature I’m executive producing is in a few hours, you know how that works!