The past few weeks were spent collecting sound FX while awaiting the final cut of the movie to complete the sound the sound design. I played around with one of the scenes last week – the Murder Scene cut, took away everything but the main vocals, added foot steps,  camera flashes, lifting yellow tape, and room tone. Looking forward to the final copy as the design cant be done until the “linked” full scene is put together.


Earlier last week I was appointed head of the sound design in this project and have been going through the large catalogue of sound fx in my sound fx library looking to categories and place certain sounds in a favorite folder which might be appropriate for setting the mood of certain scenes in the movie. The process is the editor exports the final cut of a scene and I receive the final cut as a .mov file and work on the sound design. I am looking forward to it so as to see what I can do to improve the audio component of the movie

If I could make anything

2 week creative project

It was quite an experience blogging about something creative in two weeks! For me it was important to share creative juices with the other participants in this blog. As a creative myself with vast variety of avenues use to channel the juices, it was a pleasure viewing others work as well.

Fav works?

I hadn’t posted my fav works but rather some projects that I liked and maybe certain aspects were my fav. But these were projects that I am happy with!

Final Project

I was approached by 3 of my current final project mates to participate with them prior to the start of the semester. The final project is a short film titled Black Rose. I am anticipating the completion of the project to view the final result.

Black Rose

Black Rose was marked by a tumultuous start but eased in as soon as roles were switched and quickly settled into. Production picked up rather swiftly thereafter and the dailies appeased the rest of the crew. Last week, I sat in on the editing which was aimed at sending the intended creative vision of the director’s script in the actor’s performance over the sequence. This particular scene was a tough one because this sequence demanded a certain amount of emotional overture by the actor to convey the mental battle in the character’s mind. With creative inputs from all four crew members in the editing suite we were able to enhance this performance sequence by altering motion, addition of flashes, etc. I’m am hopeful that this scene turns out as dope as we expect.

Ify (Assistant Director)


These are not necessarily my fav. works but a selection of some projects that i am working on. I’m not allowed to post the videos because some of the projects are still in production and some are in the festival circuits but with Prof. Mike’s permission, I’m allowed to post still frame as oppposed to video

1) Still Working Cuba Doc – A doc about Fidel Castro’s contribution to Africa! This doc features high profile Black nationalists, Academia, ex-black panther members and ex-exiled. Below is a screen shot from the interview of Dr. Sam Anderson an ex-panther member and activist

2) Untitled Wall street Doc – I shot and color graded this at the height of the OWS protest for my personal doc with a friend but ended up being accepted and sold footage to another project where we partner and share creative credit. I love the color grading i did on this doc cos the weather was gloomy that day.


3) Music Video – This was shot for my CT cinematography class. In addition to directing the music video, I  did the set design, I liked this particular piece because it was instinctive and last minute but im glad with the set design




Ridley Scott

Looking forward to what folks are speculating to be the follow up to Blade Runner!

Dope Ass Video

I’m an avid RED cam enthusiast. Fell in love with the cam years ago in its infantile stage during my first encounter with it on a project i worked on. my respect for the cam grew when i found out more about the man behind the company and his ideology. In the professional film world there sometimes  is a “big beef” between film vs digital and in the digital realm, there is even bigger beef between brand-name fan-boys! One of the many reasons I love the RED cam company/owner business model is that fact that arguably one of the most advanced piece of engineered cam hardware is manufactured in no where else but, you guessed right, the USA. At a time where current economic climate fosters foster-homes abroad for manufacturers, a genius figured how to fabricate an advanced cam, RED EPIC and SCARLET that is priced competitively below the big players like ARRI ALEXA and the yet to be released SONY f65. But enough of my fan boyish rant! As a follower of the RED community, I constantly view content by Red cam owners and this piece below was shot on a remote controlled heli-mounted red epic. Its seamlessly fluid shots are reminiscent of my fav directors most notable for extremely long takes, Bela Tarr . The video highlights the use of remotely controlled aerial devices as a cost effective aerial-cam for the indie filmmaker. These aerial-cams, now called drones by the feds are now illegal to fly. but anyways enjoy the video below



Production Placement

Part of my hustle is producer and artist management where I get major label placements for the producers signed to my production outfit Rural Music Group LLC. This week we were able to place a record on the mixtape of a major recording artist by the name of Plies. Plies hails from Florida and is notorious for his billboard topper “Shawty” feat. T-Pain. His mixtape is a resurgence on the southern rap scene and the exciting news is that our record will be re-released as a single pending finalization of contractual agreements. With managing of creatives whose creation are intelectual properties comes tremendous test of faith and the will to persevere. However, regardless of the success or “failures” in securing placements on projects of major artists, I have found out that periodic correspondence and uplifting and encouragement in times of gloom lifts up the energy of the flock. There is some power in the collective. There is a certain energy shift towards the positive despite the music climate that reeks impending gloom.

Young Stanley Kubrick Had Eyes

Before one of my favorite “visualists” became a cinematographer and ultimately a director, the young Stanley Kubrick was not a mere photographer but an excellent one at that…I mean check out how his eyes saw the world through SLRs in his early 20’s