Crazy Delays

We hit some crazy problems with this project. First  not getting access from York, to scheduling issues with the actors. We were suppose to be done this week with shooting. One actor can only work on the week days, but cannot on the weekends. One actor can only work the weekends and cannot work on the weekdays. I was completely frustrated because we have 2 more shoots before editing hell. So Edwin came up with a idea to go to Baltimore where one of the actors live to go there and shoot and to make things easier for the actors. This is a great idea and it will loads of fun shooting in a unknown location. We have all the access we need in baltimore so we shall wait and see. The last 2 shoots we are going out with a bang!

BR updates

This week was a very hard week for us because of mainly getting access to areas where we thought would be easy to shoot. Two of our locations where in York College. The amount of politics in this school is unbearable. But that pushes us to always think of better locations and to shoot gorilla style.

The shoots this week went pretty well. We went gorilla on them and we had some good access because we had a person on the inside that told us where the cameras were and where the safe points were. I was so glad he was there that night. We finished shooting the scene in less than 1 hour.

The second shoot we had was in a cemetery. Luckly for us, the person that owned the cemetery took our side and allowed us to shoot there even though she knew the problems that we are facing from York and its stupid politics. This one was a tough and extremely challenging shoot because the actor had to leave early. This was a last minute thing which pushed me to ask the owner of the cemetery to allow us to shoot 30 mins early. She agreed and that gave us 1 hour to shoot the scene. We had more issues, because people where sick, had family issues and picked the best day to do it. But we all just pushed through and were all happy at the end of the day.

One thing we enjoy on the shoots for black rose is the food that we enjoy after a hard day of working. We love to eat and thats what we promiss all the cast and crew. Its the best part about the day or night.

Black Rose Production

So for our final project we decided to do a short film called “Black Rose”. We are in production and have been shooting for quite some time. This blog is my perspective of the of whatever goes through in the planning stages and on shoots.

Yesterday we have a shoot in Wall Street. We were shooting around the area and we got so much attention from tourist which was cool. Some of them came and approached us which is kinda cool at the same time we have a job to do. With that said we had so many disruptions when we were shooting mainly with security guards stopping us from filming in a specific area. But that put us on our feet to make us think faster which was good. I love gorilla style of shooting. You shoot and GTFO (look it up) which is what I love.

As we got towards the end of the shoot we had minor issues with communication between the director and the actors. But we all got on each others case and we all pulled through. After a 5 hour shoot we were finally done and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a feast!