So I have been very behind on updating on the progress of my final project.  This process has been very tough and frustrating.  For my final project, I have decided to build an online community.  When I was first thinking about it, I thought and also heard that it would be fairly easy.  Install and there you go you are up and running.  WRONG!!! I have been struggling with this whole process not only because of time management but because building this is all new to me.  The online community I am building and planning to launch before the end of the semester is called SicKfLick.Com.  I wanted this site to be based on photography specifically for cars. I did want to incorporate other areas of this online community to different aspects of photography as well such as nature, animals, family, children, food, etc; a wide variety, pretty much.  I will expand those areas at a later time tho.  This process has been difficult for me because every theme that I have been choosing seems to not be working with my vision.  I was at one point considering to incorporate a forum with  a community of building friends but once again it has been difficult to incorporate the two.  I am still in the process of piecing everything together.  I want this online community’s main focused to be about the photos people take.

Stay tuned, I will continue to keep you updated on the progress and launch date.