Final Project Idea

The Final Project idea that I am actually interested in is building a website. I want the website’s theme to be poetry but I also want to add other video’s that I believe deal with ChasingGreatness. For example I want to have short videos about musicians and Play directors and anyone who is doing anything that I feel is positive. The site will be mainly poetry but other facets of art will be introduced with the website. I want the website to be intractable in a way that people can view each others work and add on to the content of the website. For example, I would want up coming poets the chance to upload videos on the website so that other viewers can see and rate the performance or art work.

The videos that I will do will be a mixture of short poetic films and just poets reciting there poems.

For example:

This would be an example of a poet reciting a poem

This would be an example of a Short Poetic Film