Two Possible final Project Ideas

The two week daily creative assignment
I did not do well on the two week daily create… I am not really proud of myself for not being consistent with posting on a everyday basis with new content, as i reflect on this assignment i need to put more effort into creating new thing even if its not assignment so i can get my creative juice flowing.

What I thought about my favorite works
The pieces I posted were things that took me long time into creating, but it was fun cutting video segments adding my own type of music that suits the video i created and  i enjoyed the whole ride in completing these projects. I know that there’s lot  of stuff out there for me to learn.

Two possible final project ideas
As i’m getting ready to approach my final project, the first is an animation in which i have made some step in drafting out what i want to display and wrote some minor scripts toward its development. Second is collages of all my previous projects i have made and future projects i intend to make. the second choice is still a maybe i am still considering other possibilities.

One thought on “Two Possible final Project Ideas”

  1. Im interested in the animation. Depending on what type of animation you r trying to venture into, could be mad interesting

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