Two Final Project Ideas

1) I would like to make a website for my grandmothers ceramics. The site would be either to showcase her work and/or to sell. This is something that has been in the works for a while now. After going through these years of college, web design is my career choice. I want to learn more about web design and sharpen my skills (especially with WordPress). The more I build, whether it is for profit or not, the more I will learn and become more efficient. Doing this project will also help me with client relations. Yes, she IS my grandmother but she is a tough cookie. She knows what she wants and how she wants things. I would have to be on a strict schedule and focus on time management since she lives in Maryland. Managing school, work and some visits to Maryland is going to be a challenge but why not learn to operate under these pressures now so later on in the “real world” it would not be overwhelming.  I think this project would be successful when other people besides the family can enjoy her work. She wants to share her work with the world. The true success would be, if she wishes to sell, the first purchase.

2) I also want to make a site for my jewelry. I always thought of selling on Ebay or Amazon but did not like to idea of cutting them a big piece of my profit. I end up giving pieces away to friends or family. I think it is time to sell now. I think selling will force me to make pieces for often. I would create items in spurts. I think I do it in spurts because it is just for a hobby and not a profit. If I know these pieces would be for profit I would be encouraged to make more. This project will allow me to sharpen my jewelry making skills and my web design skills. Time management will be a big key in this project. Between building the site, other school work, work, getting material, deciding on collections and trends and making pieces, I am going to have to be on a serious schedule. This will help me in the long run to learn how to deal with stress, time management, and the ability to push myself and stay on top of things. The success of this project would be the end result when the site is up and I have amble amount of product to sell because I put in the dedication it took to make it happen. Knowing that I did this basically all by myself is a success in itself.

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  1. These are nice ideas you should post images of the ceramics your grandmother made, i would like to see it.

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