These are not necessarily my fav. works but a selection of some projects that i am working on. I’m not allowed to post the videos because some of the projects are still in production and some are in the festival circuits but with Prof. Mike’s permission, I’m allowed to post still frame as oppposed to video

1) Still Working Cuba Doc – A doc about Fidel Castro’s contribution to Africa! This doc features high profile Black nationalists, Academia, ex-black panther members and ex-exiled. Below is a screen shot from the interview of Dr. Sam Anderson an ex-panther member and activist

2) Untitled Wall street Doc – I shot and color graded this at the height of the OWS protest for my personal doc with a friend but ended up being accepted and sold footage to another project where we partner and share creative credit. I love the color grading i did on this doc cos the weather was gloomy that day.


3) Music Video – This was shot for my CT cinematography class. In addition to directing the music video, I  did the set design, I liked this particular piece because it was instinctive and last minute but im glad with the set design




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