If You Could Make Anything…

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And had only a semester to make it, what would you choose to make?

Committing to a particular project for an entire semester is a big decision – what should I make? Will it help me after I graduate – learning new skills, and/or having a quality piece of work to showcase? Will I be able to stay focused on the project without a professor telling me what to do?

If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it.
William James

These are some questions you should ask yourself before commiting to a particular project. Realize that you are allowed to make anything – the project can be a blog based, film/video, animation, photography, drawing, writing, reporting, and even LOL KATZ!

So how should you start? Well there are two things I want you to think about and reflect on in a blog post:

1. How did you do on the two week daily creative assignment? Did you struggle to stay consistent? Post something everyday? Did you like what you posted? Did you make it or was it a reflection on others work? Think of this assignment as a barometer of your ability to work independently. Because the final project is an independent study (unless you partner with someone) what strategies will you use to stay on task not having a regular class meeting or assignments? Engaging friends and partners might work, but you still need to lead the effort. Maybe working on a client driving project so you’re accountable might work. Just thinking about your work habits and your day – when you work best can help you figure this out.

2. You also picked out three of your favorite pieces of work to present to the class and reflected on why they were your favorite works. These works reflect a bit about your taste and sensibility in your own work and your sense of your own skills. Will you incorporate some of the topical interests reflected in your favorite works? Why/why not? Will you use some of the skills you exhibited in these works? Why/why not?

After reflecting on these questions, present two possible project ideas and describe how they fit your taste, skill, and ability to organize your time. Describe what you’d like to learn from working on this final project. What do you think will make it successful? And what does successful mean to you?

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