Final Project First Steps

“Realize that you are allowed to make anything…” ~ Professor Michael Branson Smith

Dum dum dummmm (insert scary music here)

Please don’t make me realize that. LOL But seriously, my biggest challenge hands down will be to choose in finality what my final project will be.

I can make a list of things that I want said project to include, but content-wise or rather, theme-wise, here in lies the problem.
Here are the list of “things” that I want to be included in my project:

  • web design
  • javascript
  • animation
  • actual video
There is another video that I really loved creating and it was an extra credit assignment of a mash up. None of the content used is anything that I created, but! I absolutely ADORED putting this reel together. One of my favorite things ever!
But I digress, my project must include editing in this way as well.
Addressing the Issues
  1. I did well on the two week daily create… >_> at first. I have a tendency to be really pumped about something at first and then dwindle down. To be honest I was so busy with everything else I forgot a lot of the time when it wasn’t fresh anymore. And then when the deadline started to come up, it became important again. With that said, I realize that having deadlines and accountability to someone motivates me my personal projects always fall to the wayside. For the most part, I liked what I posted, I took into consideration that posting everyday would include things that didn’t take very much effort and so a lot of the time I posted things that I already was involved in.  Only once or twice I went looking for something to create to post.
  2. My intro to this blog addresses what I thought about my favorite works. To sum it up a bit, the work I posted were things I enjoyed creating the most. I know that this will help in the motivation process. I saw that during these times I pulled all nighters and didn’t even care, didn’t even need more than one or two cups of coffee. This makes me a bit more confident that I would stick with it.
Because of these thoughts, I think my project should have a client aspect of some sort. Input as well as to what it would look like. To me successful means finished (and awesome :-/) The more I think about this, the more I feel led to create a site for my youth group to use and then maybe more youths after that. I could take suggestions from them on what they want to see and interact with.