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This project means a lot to me. It helped me realize what kind of direction I wanted to take my career. I was really lost as to what field of work I was interested in. I never focused soo much on one project. This was the first time in a long time what I could work on something for hours and did not mind or realize the time passing. I love to be creative and never saw it as more then a hobby. This video kind of shows my personality. It shows off my skills, since I did everything from shooting, to transcribing, to editing. You can tell I love fashion, have a unique group of friends, and take my work seriously.  Even though I prefer post and are in a concentration of graphic design now, this project was a real eye opener.


Name Plate

I had to take a font and replicate it by hand with my name. The top is printed from the computer and the bottom is the hand sketched replica I did.  As soon as I saw this font I knew it was what I wanted to replicate. It is fun but yet formal at the same time. You can see the human personality in the font. It reminded me of myself. I have a bubbly personality but when it is time to be serious I am. Also certain aspects of the font reminded me of how I use to write in high school. For example, I use to make the big circles over my “I” just as the Juice font does. I felt that this font would be a challenge but yet still in my comfort zone. Over all I loved this assignment. At first I honestly did not think I would be able to recreate any font. I surprised myself. Now I know that even if I do not think I am capable of something, it does not hurt to try. You might just continue to surprise yourself.


I enjoyed working on this project. I had to create a creature and their habitat. It shows my Photoshop skills and my ability to take anything and create something unique. My interpretation of design is to show that you are in control of your world. You control the good and bad. Also that you are who ever or whatever you make yourself to be. I like the fact that I do not have to write out or say my thoughts or feeling. I can create them. I think it helps others understand me better. Allows them come up with their own interpretations and give me real feedback. I believe people are more honest with art then anything else. They can say exactly why they do or do not like something.

4 thoughts on “Favorite Works”

  1. The faves you picked shows your skills in design and film and I must say they are awesome. I can see your uniqueness in each piece. I love the font you chose for your nameplate, as well as how you replicated it. Very good work!

  2. I can see why you chose the pieces you did, the documentary was an eye-opening experience for me as well which is why I decided to do a double concentration. Looking at your b-roll and the set up you did for the talking head interview really shows that you took the professors guidance well. I really enjoyed your doc.
    Graphic Design is a crazy class!! and that was one of the hardest assignments for me, recreating the font. I’m so glad your experience was a pleasant one which challenged you and showed you that new things are not beyond you.
    This last piece I’ve seen a lot so I know you love it, it’s a visual statement about you I think. It’s interesting to see your style in your work. Even though you have different elements you’ve fit them together well. I love how the colors flow together

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