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I made this in Photoshop last semester for an art class. We had to create a political poster. One about an issue we feel strongly about. I chose to focus on the media and how influential 9both positive and negative) it can be on our minds. The hand is suppose to represent the media and the lines are supposed to be puppet strings fiddling with the girl’s mind. The circles on her eyes shows she’s hypnotized by what the media’s doing to her brain. I feel like a lot of people are brainwashed by the media, they just don’t realize it.


I drew this portrait (from a reference photo) in September 2011. Its of Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London. I drew him because I was a fan of his music at the time. Still am but not as much. I’m proud of it because drawing the reflection in those glasses was a tricky task.

Finally, I would say this portrait of Mike Jackson. I drew it because I like Michael Jackson’s music. Its the first time I ever drew something this big and it took forever. I feel like this shows my skills because it shows I pay attention to detail.

I would love the poster featured in a magazine or on a billboard or something but I don’t think I’d want the drawings featured anywhere. At least not yet. Only because I haven’t been doing it that long and I feel like I still could improve.

4 thoughts on “3 Favorites”

  1. Love your work, especial your drawings, they are very meticulous and beautiful. I can see the time and effort when I look at them. In the Michael Jackson portrait, I feel like I can see the texture in his skin. Awesome.

    I like your political poster because it’s straight forward. It’s not to complicated but it still gets you to acknowledge the statement you are trying to make. I like how you dropped a shadow behind the head of the girl, it gave it some depth.

  2. Your portrait drawing are sick. You have excellent drawing skills. I can tell you pay great attention to detail and your work is something you pride yourself on. Great job!

  3. the poster is a clever picture. and straight to the point. As for the drawings, they are cool, the glasses reflection, makes the picture look more realistic. You have an eye on details.

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