Dope Ass Video

I’m an avid RED cam enthusiast. Fell in love with the cam years ago in its infantile stage during my first encounter with it on a project i worked on. my respect for the cam grew when i found out more about the man behind the company and his ideology. In the professional film world there sometimes  is a “big beef” between film vs digital and in the digital realm, there is even bigger beef between brand-name fan-boys! One of the many reasons I love the RED cam company/owner business model is that fact that arguably one of the most advanced piece of engineered cam hardware is manufactured in no where else but, you guessed right, the USA. At a time where current economic climate fosters foster-homes abroad for manufacturers, a genius figured how to fabricate an advanced cam, RED EPIC and SCARLET that is priced competitively below the big players like ARRI ALEXA and the yet to be released SONY f65. But enough of my fan boyish rant! As a follower of the RED community, I constantly view content by Red cam owners and this piece below was shot on a remote controlled heli-mounted red epic. Its seamlessly fluid shots are reminiscent of my fav directors most notable for extremely long takes, Bela Tarr . The video highlights the use of remotely controlled aerial devices as a cost effective aerial-cam for the indie filmmaker. These aerial-cams, now called drones by the feds are now illegal to fly. but anyways enjoy the video below